Wireless headphones

I just got some Sony MDR-RF820RK for my room, in total I now need 3 pairs of headphones, 2 wireless, 1 corded (2 for TV, 1 for computer whcih can be corded). The Sony MDR-RF820RK are pretty good, but I can definatly pick up FM noise on the headphones, and I was wondering, will Philips SBCHC200/05 Infa Rad Cordless Headphones be any better quality? I guess the range will be much much less, but they are only so people can use them in the same room, will there still be distortion like in the FM ones? Would Bluetooth ones be better?, I asusme so as they are digital.

I am also looking for a good pair of corded ful sized headphones, under £50 preferably, anybody know any good ones, are the “5.1” headphones really 5.1 sound?