Wireless G Network @ 700kbytes/s !HELP!

Just yesterday, I went out and forked out enough cash to buy two Wireless G cards (802.11g). These were the CNet CWC-854 (Cardbus) and Belkin F5D7000V3 (PCI). They are both based on the Ralink RT2500 Chipset. I installed them just fine, original drivers were bad so I got the Ralink driver from their website and all is sorta rosy, connections are going good. Problem is, even with both cards about 2M away, they say they are in 54Mbps Link, but transferring data only yields 1.8Mbytes/s which equates to 14.7Mbps :S WTF! Most cards seem to be able to reach ~22Mbps with G. I have no other wireless cards, tried changing channels, did site survey - but since i am in rural area = NO WIRELESS NODES FOUND!. I have seen reviews for the RT2500 and they all say the card is good. Worst of all, take the computer about 15m away, and throughput is about 700kbytes/s and signal is weak/normal. I have noticed no real penalty, but disabled all the WEP/WPA stuff, so is the problem with the Cardbus Interface or is it something else?

Is this an ad-hoc network? Or are you using a router? I’m kind of confused by your post. Maybe the two wireless cards are incompatible with each other on the network. I would try throwing a router into the mix and see what happens (if you haven’t already).

well - yes it is an ad-hoc network using two cards of identical chipset (RT2500). I don’t have a router yet … but according to the wireless util from the card manufacturer - adhoc link rates are 54 when right next to each other … throughut maxes out at 1.8Mbytes/s

Strange indeed. Maybe they need to be using identical drivers, if that’s even possible?

well - since they are based on the same chipset - i got them both on the latest drivers … same drivers too :S … stumped :S :frowning: - so much for wireless … lcuky i didn’t take out my wires, yet~!

just double checking, you don’t have any sort of encryption enabled do you? If not, are they operating on the same channel? Maybe you’re getting interferance from something. I know its a lot of trouble but you could try moving the computers to a different area and see if that helps. Or maybe borrow a wireless router from someone? :confused:

This is strange.

Ohkz - i did noise measurements around the areas - they ranged from -88dBm to -102dbm. I picked the quietest channel and even with the cards < 3m away with -33dbM reading - no encryption - throughput maxes out at 1802Kbytes/s. (They are on the same channel of course) … and there’s no bluetooth devices either. … Maybe i’ll look into borrowing a router … if someone would lend it to me :stuck_out_tongue: