Wireless ethernet adapter for blu-ray player

Just a quick question. I have a Panasonic DMP-BD75 Blu-Ray player
which I would like to connect to my wireless router/modem (Actiontec PK5000). Ultimately my goal is to use the netflix app on the player to stream netflix in my bedroom, but the player only has a wired connection. So I was wondering if something like the following wireless ethernet adapter would work so that I can connect my blu-ray player via wireless to the router/modem:

Probably a trial case. :wink:

We’ve used this product with some success, but the PowerLine stuff has been somewhat more successful and a better connection (when they do work, that is). But “more successful” might be a 5% improvement. Every case is too individualized to rely on reputation at someone else’s environment - you live in your own, and that’s the ONLY place that matters.

For something like a “trial and error” product, I’d recommend a local purchase - at a store you can return the product if it doesn’t work.

For the PowerLines (at twice the initial price, by the way), if they don’t work out-of-the-box, then they probably won’t (a sync light shows up in 2-3 minutes, tops. Plug in one near the router and connect it with a CAT 5-6 cable, then go to a nearby room and plug in the Receiver unit, and wait for it’s SYNC light to show up. If it does, then you can unplug it from the wall and take it to the next room, and so on. No connection to a computer is needed for the SYNC light to display. If the SYNC light is on, I plug it into a computer, turn it on and it should have a valid CONNECT from that point.

Same with this wireless option - you should have a fairly quick CONNECT although some tweaking can solve initial failures, and sometimes increase speed.

Does the BR player have some means of entering a password or are you stuck with having to use an open network? I guess you could use MAC filtering, if you had to.

Pretty much every wireless access point I’ve seen can function as a wireless Ethernet adapter. The access point needs to be a dedicated box, not built into a router, NAS, etc. so an old/spare router with built-in Wi-Fi will not have this capability.

In the Wi-Fi AP’s configuration, there is a choice of modes, such as “Access point”, “Point to Point” and “Wireless Client”. The “Wireless Client” (or equivalent) option needs to be picked and then it will ask to choose the Wi-Fi network to connect to, along with its Passphrase. Once connected, then it’s just a matter of connecting a network cable from the Blu-ray player to the Access Point and it will work over Wi-Fi as if the player had Wi-Fi built in.

I’m currently using this method with an Edimax access point (here) to connect the living room TV to my Wi-Fi network.

I will look around and see if I can’t find something local. Thanks.

Okay bought a Netgear Wireless Access Point from my local bestbuy and although it is a bit on the slow-side to boot up it streams netflix just fine and was a breeze to set-up. Thanks for all the input folks.

Thanks for the report back. I suspect the ‘slow start-up’ is mostly security reconciliation - passwords, etc. Sometimes I’d remove all security, set up the extender (2nd router, access point, whatever) and then I could better isolate physical signal-problem areas and relocate the unit, if need be.

But it’s still frustrating. I keep muttering, “We’ve had Marconi wireless for more than a century across tens of thousands of miles, and I can’t get 128-bit encryption to pass along 100 feet?!!”

Hubby - if I’ve foolishly left the gag off - will sometimes counter with dumb notions like “You’ve got freezers and ovens, stone walls, steel reinforcement, amplifiers, etc, between you and the Wireless unit…” Yeah well… when I slam the iron maiden’s door shut, he’s got something in between, too!

“Oh - stop screaming! It only hurts when you’re conscious!!” He NEVER lets me have any fun!

thanks for the report back

Thanks for the help bro! Great work!