Wireless Connection Not Made Due To Hardware Problem

Hi, my wife’s laptop has been used for several years without this problem. We have 4 computers, 3 of which are connected to the internet via wireless connection. The computer is a Dell Inspiron 2200. Yesterday morning it worked as always, however, yesterday afternoon it would not (and still does not) connect but the other two laptops work just fine. I get a message saying that there is hardware unplugged. No change in programs or drivers recently. Ideas?

System Restore usually is the only way to fix this one.

Thanks for the suggestion. I set it back several days before I had this problem. No change.

The button that turns the WiFi may have be turned off, check it.; also reset your router and (restart) all computers in the network.

hardware problems,I have a hp j6480 wireless printer,and trying to connect to my router it finds the router but want connect, i put the hardware address in the mac list but it still want connect.the print report says i need to disable the mac filter.can anyone help please, i have uninstalled the software and reinstalled and still get the same thing. any help out out there please.