Wireless Box And Card



Hey people.

It’s time to go wireless in my old mans house. What he is looking for is a box to connect straight to the broadband socket (not to the computer) and then to transmit around the house so that no computer is directly connected to any phone cable.

Most likely there could be 2-4 computers connecting to the broadband. 1-2 Desktops, 1-2 Laptops. 1 Desktop has a wireless card as does 1 of the laptops. You can ignore the other laptop for the time begining also.

So this is something new for me to do and so I have no idea which is good or bad in the market.

So what I need is 1xBox and 1xCard. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks all.



Router/AP: Linksys WRT54GS using DD-WRT (www.dd-wrt.com)
NIC: Netgear WG311T (PCI) or WG511T (PCMCIA).



Have a look at this thread (http://club.cdfreaks.com/showthread.php?t=145492&highlight=siemens+gigaset). Among others, I posted some links (wireless products I use permanently).

There is always a debate what brand is better. Lately I had a chance to use for some months Edimax (http://www.edimax.com/) and Buffalo (http://www.buffalotech.com/products/wireless.php) wireless products. I must say that they worked flawlessly. Just a hint. :wink:


Linksys Wireless G products are decent. AVOID LINKSYS WIRELESS B PRODUCTS LIKE THE PLAGUE.

Other brands I can’t speak for. I ditched D-Link because gaming over their routers is teh sukc. Netgear seems to make decent stuff nowadays (my brother-in-law’s new netgear router installed easily and runs flawlessly). Avoid Belkin - my wife’s Belkin wireless-G card sucks donkey nuts.


Netgear WG311T or WG511T because those cards are based on Atheros chipset which are known to be “good” (in general, *unix/*BSD support too) and have good reception.
The Linsys WRT54GS router has good performance and is based on Linux which makes a lot more flexible than similar from D-Link (sucks in general), Netgear, Belkin etc. DD-WRT is a really nice and stable firmware which offers features that you wont find in the generic firmware (you wont void warranty either unless you misflash).


What did you end up with?


Here’s another vote for Linksys + DD-WRT. :wink:


Little quick there. Nothing as of yet. I was waiting for the feedback. Time to go shopping now though.


I have the following setup.

Netgear Gigabit Switch -> Gigabit N/C’s for all local computers.
Netgear WG602 (802.11G) Network access point for the network.

At the other end, I have the adsl modem/router hooked upto a netgear wireless bridge.

Works great :slight_smile: and has for over 18months.

And I also picked up 2 new WG602’s for just $45au a piece :slight_smile:
And a WG111 (usb2 802.11G) for temporary computers so I don’t need to hunt around for cables/etc.


head over to www.tomsnetworking.com (i’m not fan of THG, but the networking site is better IMO)…

definitely get something based on an Atheros chipset…

i’ve been happy with this pair:


Just in case


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