Wireless Blu-ray from JVC

JVC has just released its NX-BD3, the first DLNA enabled Blu-ray system. Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) is known as the standard for creating wired and wireless interoperable networks. There music, photos, videos and other sorts of content can be shared through consumer electronics and PCs.

Of course I can now take the time to say what the NX-BD3 is actually supporting, but maybe it’s more interesting to say what it’s missing… Profile 2.0 compatibility. Maybe the future will bring a Blu-ray Profile 2.0 compatible DNLA system from JVC, but now you will just enjoy other positives like streaming AVCHD and MPEG-2 HD content over a home network to your TV.

The NX-BD3 is 1080p/24fps capable and supports v1.3 HDMI. Next October the NX-BD3 will go on sale for £750 in the United Kingdom.