Wired DSL Routers



I need a new 8 port Router… I have a Linksys BEFSR81 that I am need to replace. All the stores carry now is wireless this or that … Does anyone make a good Wired DSL Router anymore… ?

If not what do you guys suggest that I buy… I am not comfortable with Wireless and really hate the way they push you to use the technology that they want you to use.



Well; You could buy an all-in-one and disable the wireless entirely. It’s not that you have to use it.

I’m quite happy with my Fritz!Box. It does everything, even being a DECT operating center.


A used router without wireless features costs under US$20 with 8 100Mbps ports, but I noticed router makers are now making wireless standard on most or all products.

BTW, is a router have to be DSL-specific? I use wireless mostly for phones and tablets since most devices now support 802.11n. I would like Dual-Band (only $50 or so for new or less for used) as well when I need to have another router.


I use a cheap wireless router and an 8 port switch. Total cost: about $45 US.