Wippit launches legal file sharing service for $ 49 a year unlimited downloads

I just posted the article Wippit launches legal file sharing service for $ 49 a year unlimited downloads.

We already reported about Wippit in 2001, but finally the service is available. Wippit is a legal online filesharing service. The service works by reading the digital signature …

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7010-Wippit-launches-legal-file-sharing-service-for--49-a-year-unlimited-downloads.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/7010-Wippit-launches-legal-file-sharing-service-for--49-a-year-unlimited-downloads.html)

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this is to good to be true. Theres loads of free ones and now i can pay for one!! i might skip this!

if they are really smart, they would offer a two-week trial period. this could be a good idea if they offer a large amount of songs. you wouldn’t believe how many morpheus users have been had.

no info on the bitrates… i’m definitely not paying for anything less than 256k!

I just tried out the trial offer they had… only 128 bitrate on promo tracks. It may be more on the higher quality lisensed tracks. 128 may be enough for some…not me though. :S

I think these initiatives should get a fare chanche to prove it self. In fact I think we should support these kind of initiatives. For a long time we complainted that the music industry was stuck in the past because they avoided the online market. Finally such thing come available and now we are still complaining. OK… maybe the price is not right… not enough songs… bit rate to low or what ever, but it is a start. If we kill it before it can mature we never get there.

Looks like a good initiative. I have downloaded a few promo tracks but they turned out to be wma. Could not play them because of some DRM… :frowning: They say they offer mp3!