Wipe Your HD Clean, REALLY REALLY Clean



Doing a search didn’t turn up anything on this forums, thought I’d post something you people who plan on selling your system or RMA your HD, but has very sensitive info on it, would like to use something that really wipes out the content, instead of half ass Zeroing it and have some dude recover the entire content of the HD. Enough mumbling, check out Autoclave. Yes, I’m paranoid.


Guess I’m good with Google :wink:
Some other software besides autoclave…


There are many software that do this actually, although I don’t ever recall a review on which does it best. I simply don’t think it was ever done before.

I think zero’ing the HDD is not a bad solution, unless you own expensive recovery software, thats very hard to overcome.


all the major HDD manufacturers have free utilities to download that will write zeros to the HDD…if thatz what you need


Not really, most have stupid limitations like not writing aboe 8Gb and we’re not really looking for a “zeroing” utility either.




Last time I checked all major brands (WD, Seagate, Maxtor, & others) have a utility that acts as a diagnostics utility, and can write zero’s to the HDD. At no point do I recall a limitation that limited you to write zero’s only to the first 8GB, if there was, I am sure it was remedy’d in a mere few days.

I think your idea has been around since the first HDD emerged.


Use the hd manufacturer’s tool for “low” level formatting or zeroing. For example Maxtor offers PowerMax for free download.