WinXP won't play cds--ASPI problem?

I can’t play cd’s in xp now. Just all of a sudden started doing it. Also whenever i remove a cd, the computer still thinks its in the drive. Do i need to reinstall my ASPI layer or what?

I also upgraded to SP1 thinking it would solve the problem but it didn’t so i took it off.

I can play singe tracks in feurio, CDex, EAC, but not in winamp or wmp.

Please help, i am really considering assassinating bill gates for this crappy OS.

(I wouldn’t really kill him but im just pissed off.):a :a :a :a :a :a DAMN HIM!!!:a :a :frowning: :Z

use AspiChk to check your ASPI layer available from Here
If its red you will have to reinstall your ASPI

Hope that helps

it is red on the left and all of the fields say N/A. which aspi layer do i install?

the easiest way to fix it is to use Force Aspi.
Available from Here .
After you have extracted it just double click on INSTASPI.Bat to install the Aspi Layer then restart your puter and run AspiChk again and it should be green.
And hopefully will solve your problem.

well it is green now, but winamp and wmp still refuse to recognize that i have music cd’s in my drives. I heard thgat programs like EAC and Feurio have their own layers. Is this right? because i can play tracks in there.

Any others suggestions?

Another thing to try is this,

Goto Start>Run
Type in “services.msc” without the quotes
Scroll down to “Windows Audio”
Make sure its set to “Automatic”, if its not on automatic doudle click on it and in the “startup type” set it to “Automatic” then Click OK.
Then reboot and see if it works.

it was already set to that. Im am starting to suspect that its the drivers i just installed for my motherboard. How would one go about removing them?

Ive got the gigabyte GA-7ZX-1 with VIA chipset.

Did it work before you installed the drivers?
What drivers were they, Via4in1 drivers???
If you are talking about the Via4in1 drivers apparently you need to start the Via4in1 setup again and in there somewhere is the option to uninstall, I have no idea if it works as I have never had to do it myself.
I checked the Via FAQ and Forum but was unable to find any posible link between WMP not working and Via4in1 drivers.

Another thing to check is the CD to Sound card cable.
The latest Via4in1 drivers are Here
Also have you tried deleting the drive from Device Manager and rebooting.

I’m running out of ideas, anyone esle have thoughts on the matter.

the audio cable is onnected, its a metter of not recognizing cds. They are the 4in1 drivers. I donwloaded the drivers an there was no option for uninstall. Whe you said elete the drive in device manager, you mean the cd drive right? Well i have flashed my firmware since this has happened and no luck.

Oh well, i’ll just keep using my protable cd player witht the line in jack.:frowning:

Also make sure no program is locking or on detection mode for the drive. Like Creative or InCD. Also make sure auto run and all that are enabled. I usually just use CloneCD to check to make sure they are enabled. You can use Nero Info Tool too.

Nero InfoTool v1.02

what do you mean by creative? I have creative labs sound card and sftware for it, but i don’t think thats wat you mean, theat never gave me problems before.


Me neither, but you know there is always a slight possibility. I’m just trying to list a few examples of background/systray programs that is on detection mode for the CD drive, InCD is definitely one.

well incd isn’t insatlled. Ive got clonecd tray, daemon tools, the cleaner, the cleaner monitor, NAV 2002, AIM, zone alarm pro, creative audiohq, autoeax, and popup stopper running now in the background. Never given me a problem with those before. Nothing in taskmanager. No packet writing installed.

Might as well try not loading any of those programs through “msconfig” if it still doesn’t do anything, just recheck the startup load part and everything goes back to before.

If it is one of those programs I would say Daemon, CCD, or Creative. Just try it anywayz.

ok i’ll try that and see. Thanks a lot for the help.

i figured it out. It wasn’t an ASPI problem, it was clonecd’s fault. I was still using, too lazy to upgrade. So i decided i would upgrade and now voila!! Im happy now, but the problem is the music sounds underwater, so i went to go to the audiohq control panel form creative to correct this problem. Its done it before and i’ve always been able to fix it.

Well whenver i open up anything in audiohq control panle i get a BSOD and a restart.

I jus downloaded newest drivers for my card and will see if that works.

Remember, with Windows XP, if its not 1 thiung, its another…