WinXP updates not installed

For over a week now I get notification to install 2 WinXP updates each time I start the PC, but the updates are not installed when I select download and install updates. I tried to install these updates by running Windows Update, but it gives “The following updates were not installed:
Security Update for Windows XP (KB2862152)
Security Update for Windows XP (KB2898715).”
I tried Google search but find no solution for this problem. Does anybody know the cause or fix for this problem?

I can’t say this will work but give it a try.
In your Windows Update settings check this:
“check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them” .
Then reboot so your PC will do this.
Then select only one of the updates & download it.
When your OS has it downloaded it will ask if you want to “Express” or “Custom” install choose “Custom” . The “OK” I think . I don’t have my XP computer booted right now so I’m doing this from memory.
If it installs reboot & try with the other update.

Updates finally installed by going to and to installing updates directly from there, but it used “Software Installation Wizard” to install updates and automatically rebooted without prompt. Anybody know why this worked while Windows Update failed.

No explanation for the way Windows Update works or fails to .
You might check your Event Viewer to see if these updates actually installed.
I’ve installed some that the Event Viewer told me weren’t for my OS .
After of going through the process that indicated it installed them.
Meaning that Windows Update detects some updates that an OS doesn’t need.
They have to be “installed” anyway or Windows Update will keep detecting them.
Once they go through the process they are no longer detected but they aren’t installed either. Just a waste of time & computer resources.
Basically “one size fits all” if an OS doesn’t need an update it just doesn’t install.