WinXP SP2 auto play problem

A friend has a Dell computer with XP Home SP2 that will play CDs and DVDs if a media player is launched and play is started manually, but it won’t auto play when disc is inserted. Ditto for program discs for installing software, and setup program must be run from Explorer of by using the Run command… I opened “My Computer,” right clicked the drive, selected “Properties” and from the “Auto Play” tab selected the option to play with appropriate media player, but it still fails to auto play when disc is inserted. Am I missing something, is there something else need be done, or is there likely some problem with XP on this machine?

Did you reboot the computer?


Computer was rebooted several times. BTW it will boot from CD too which further indicates problem has only to do with auto play.

Check this out :


Solution was found from another forum and is
The cause seems to have been Inter Active Player because a message is given that a problem was encountered even when trying to manually play DVD using Inter Active Player, and the problem recurs if Inter Active Player is selected from the “Auto Play” tab in My Computer. VLC Player was downlaoded and installed, and recurrence of the problem has ceased.


Thanks for sharing the solution with us, It could help someone else down the line.Happy computing.