WinXP SP2 and P2P software problems

Hello everyone,

I have been having trouble using Soul Seek ever since I have installed WinXP SP2. It won’t even start, it just freezes while trying to connect. I’ve gone into the Windows firewall settings and told it to make the Soul Seek program an exception, but that doesn’t work. I’ve also applied the max. number of simultaneous connections patch that has recently surfaced, even though I was pretty sure that was not going to do it. Anybody have any comments/suggestions/observations?

It seems that others are able to use their P2P software along with SP2. If anybody out there has installed SP2 and is using a P2P client, could you post which client you are using and any special settings you might have had to adjust to get it to work?


i too use soulseek (version 154), and have had no troubles using SP2 (although the version i have of SP2 is the autopatcherxp april 2004 update).

i haven’t installed M$ new version as ive been told it will cause “issues” with my DVD burner.

can you uninstall SP2 / revert back to SP1?

can you uninstall SP2 / revert back to SP1?

I like being able to use P2P software, but I don’t use P2P THAT much… :slight_smile:

I can wait until P2P clients work out the SP2 bugs. I was just hoping that someone had a more immediate solution. It seems better to me to have a “more secure” machine (I know with MS that’s a relative term) rather than being able to download an MP3 here or there. I am one of the people that uses P2Ps to look for rare tracks or to check out new music to see whether or not I want to buy an album… So I don’t do an insane amount of downloading off P2P.

Thanks for your input though…


i’ve updated to sp2 and since then i can’t convert any files from avi to dvd/svcd :frowning:

i can’t even play half of my files using wmp, it keeps crashing and giving the reason as a filter from IVIAUDIO.AX which i’m having major trouble sorting,

it’s really annoying me,

i’m begining to see why some people diss microsoft all the time

UPDATE: I installed eMule and it works fine. :cool: But I have to admit, from what I have seen so far, I prefer SoulSeek… :sad:


you could try .torrens i havnt had a problem with them and SP2.

There something also SP2 does and that it limits multiple connections to 10 and there’s a little program out there that changes to 50. I have Emule and it seems to work fine with SP2.

Yes you are right!
Go to for the tool.
Follow the instructions on that site.

i use bit torrent p2p and opened ports 6881-6889 seems to be ok

yeah can you tell me where to get patch or any more info because i have problems burning dvd’s now once i’ve burnt them if there is text files on the disk the burnt copy you can’t open the text files. please can anyone help !!!

Reinstall your Sound card drivers, winamp & your audio codecs.
Try the K-lite codec pack for a quicky install.

The program which increases the WinXP SP2 “Open Connection” limit to 50, will increase the number of open connections to any number you want, if you know how to use a command line :stuck_out_tongue:

I currently have mine set at 100, as I concurrently run both winmx & emule.

Try MusicStation. Download it on I have no problems with that. And it downloads faster than Kazaa lite ++.