WinXP SP1 Problem?

Well i changed my system (build it myself), and i installed winxp with sp1 integrated in the windows cd.
Now i have problems with fifa 2002 (loads but crashes when entering a game) and colin mcrae 2 (plays but doesn 't show the videos).
I also changed my graphics card to a geforce 4mx 440.
No other application has a problem, and other games i have plays fine.
What do you think is wrong? Have you had any of these problems?

Try the Compatibility option. There are some games witch don’t work on XP. As an option you shall install both XP and another version of Windows(not on the same partition) and then select the one(from the bootloader manager) you will need. Or install only the XP without the SP.

I tried Compatibility, no good…
And… i had no problems with the games with winxp without sp1 in my previous pc (with an old ati card). What i need to know is, if is it the card or sp1 :confused:.

I highly doubt its the service pack. It doesn’t do anything for graphical add-ons or bugfixes, I don’t think, and if anything, it should help compatiblity. Those are two different systems, if you tried the game on your current self-made pc without SP1 and it works, then its the pack’s fault, but I don’t think that’s the case. I think the problem is with your Nvidia driver

Go here for a list of all recently leaked and official drivers and their features, and links to downloads

New drivers, the 4x.xx and 3x.xx are known to be made for better performacne and better compatiblity with GF4 cards, but like it says “they are known to be buggy with older 3D programs.”

I currently use 23.11 on this system, and it works fine for fifa 2002.

OK thanks. I was using 30.82, i used winupdate and got 30.87. colin mcrae works fine now, but fifa doen 't. Anyway… it is not SP1 but the card driver.

That you have Windows up and running, go ahead and install SP3 from Microsoft’s site. I found my 2k Professional very much improved after installing SP3.


He doesn’t have Win2K, he got WinXP. I just advice you to try out different drivers, make sure it got no known bugs and support GF4 MX. I think there’s the 4x.xx one that does that pretty well.

Oops Im so sorry! I must be sleeping

Sorry for the confusion guys.

Copying From:

With the September 2002 update to Windows XP (known as Service Pack 1), Microsoft is no longer distributing any version of the Indeo codecs with its operating system. This only affects users with new PCs that are shipping with Windows XP Service Pack 1, or clean installs of Windows XP SP1 on an older system. Installation upgrades of SP1 and the use of Windows Update does not remove existing Indeo codecs from your system

Indeo XP is available for purchase and download through our electronic store for $14.95.

This was causing my problems with my games i posted before is the forum .

(I know i am crossposting, sorry)

What can i do for this? Why was i making the integrated sp1 wincd if the is no point using one?:a

A codec? That’s hard to believe, but I guess its possible with the cinematics they show in those games. First time I heard of gaming and application problems caused by faulty video decoders.

In most cases only the start videos dont play (commandos II) but is still a problem.

Of course this happens only if you make an integrated sp1 winxp cd (and clean intall), not if you install separatly win and sp1, as the original cd has the codec. But still it is stupid to remove a codec in a sp1.

I have made three formats and clean installations and now installed separetly the sp1 with no problems in the videos. (The integrated installation is better and faster).:frowning:

Hi Friends,

I also had that problem for a very long time but I had solved it by “thinking and trying”.

The problem is very stupid. You can play Super Mario on every computer, on every video card and mainbord, but Fifa 2002, which is still my and my sons’ favourite, has own problems.

The games stars, you can do any change in teams, but it gets out of the game “as just the footballers are about to come to the playing field”.

That’s not a Graphic Card problem, that’s not a Ram problem.

Fifa 2002 doesn’t play with FSB (Front Side Bus) 533. This is the CPU’s working speed on the mainbord. This is the problem. When Fifa was produced in late months of 2001, the computers mostly used and bought were Celeron 400 and Pentium II types. P III was not yet around us. Celeron 400 CPU has normally FSB 100 or 133. They hadn’t met the FSB 533yet, so they did not know the FSB 533 problem would occur.

It plays with FSB 66, 100, 133, 400, 666, 800 and others most probably, but not on FSB 533. They are mostly P4 and celeron 2.0, 2.2, 2.4 CPUs.

Once I had an internet cafe, there were different computers I realized that Computers that not played FIFA 2002 were that kind of mainboard and cpu.

The solution:

I had a mainbord, Asus brand, at home which had a good setup. In bios setup you could lower the cpu FSB frequency from 133 to 100. When we wanted to play fifa 2002, we were lowering the FSB from there and were able to play well.

You can change the CPU, get another one with FSB 400 or not 533. Sometimes, you can change it through the mainbord jumpers. Although it is FSB 533, if you can change it, it works.

Fifa 2002 works fine on new CPUs, core duo or not, Amd, etc.

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