WinXP reports "blank cd" after burining. Need Help

Hi, im new here. I hope i’m not beaking any rules ryt now. newy, I have a lite-on 48x12x48(dunnow the model num. sorry) and i use generic cd-r’s i buy at a local store. Up until recently, it’s been preforming sooooo welll.

The problem i encountered was that, after burning the cd’s Win Xp reports the cd to be blank.

I recently bought an imation cd-r and tried it and it works fine.

Now, i know it’s ok and it’s the cd-r’s that are damaged, but what bothers me is that everytime i write cd-RW’s i get that same message(blank cd what do you wanna do?) the first time I insert it after burning.

Is there something wrong with my rewriter?

Did you check the “simulate” box?

Hi guys.
Im. new to write on this forum, even if i’ve been following you since last october.
I have the same problem as lightkeeper.
I upgraded my liteon 24103s XB04 to 40125s XSU1 using F/W, & softwares described in this forum.
The result is that since then, my burner even if downgraded to previous F/W is no more able to write CDRW…
The process in itself gives no errors so that it finish succesfully, but the CDRW is BLANK.
Surely I’ve been trying every normal procedure, tried different media, but the same media are well written on other drives.
Of course i’ve unchecked the simulate option.
I’ve tried to burn with Nero, Clone and even with the burn-feature integrated in XP…but nothing else then
Anyone could help me?

have either of u guys tried testing the newly burned cd in a different system?

Yes…they are simply blank…
Here’s what happened with different media:
Verbatim CD-RW datalifeplus 700mb 2-4x NOT written
LiteOn CD-RW 700mb 4-12x NOT
Vivanco CD-RW 650mb 4-12x NOT
Verbatim CD-RW datalifeplus colour disc 700mb 2-4x YES, written

It made the same even with a CDR…:
a verbatim datalifeplus 24x.

Originally posted by AZImmortal
have either of u guys tried testing the newly burned cd in a different system?

I’ve tried it in my dvd-rom drive and it still says “blank cd” at the first mounting. My friend has a lite-on combo drive and he tells me thet it also happns with him.