WinXP Recycle bin recovery

Erased something very important, I have not yet restarted computer, no defrag done, nothing, I am trying to keep the PC just running. I need to know what is very reliable torecover when recycle bin is flushed.

Any advice appreciated.

hey xtacy

i use a program called getdataback … ntfs version

you install it on another computer and then hook up your drive as slave and then run it on that drive and it will get data you have deleted …I have used it all the time for getting things back in recycle bin … formatted drives … and fdisked drives and virus attacks …

Sounds great, but, I have no other PC’s in the house that can take a SATA drive. Can I throw win2k onto my secondary drive and boot from that? Can It work if I throw win98 on there?

well what i would do is unhook the drive with the stuff you need on it and then reload OS on another system …and then boot up to just that and install getdataback …and then hook up your other drive and make sure it boots up to the system with the drive with data on it …

that is me … .what i would do …just do not install anything on drive you want to get the data off cause that might rewrite the sectors …

yea, but can I install a non ntfs O/S on the secondary drive from which I will boot off of, to see the main drive, like can i install GBD onto win98?

not sure to be honest but i think you can cause when you run GDB it asks what type of OS you are trying to recover … so i am sure you can … but I forgot that old rule about NTFS …if you can move data back on fat32 or not …that i cant remember … I know there is a rule about that but cant remember for anything right now

ehh, i am gonna burrow my friends nt4 disk to try this, then kill the O/S after done and hopefully successful.

thanks a lot, I will keep posted any success

Originally posted by giovanni42104
but I forgot that old rule about NTFS …if you can move data back on fat32 or not …that i cant remember … I know there is a rule about that but cant remember for anything right now

no rule ;). if linux can safely read from ntfs drives…

writing to them is a totally separate deal. however, if you have truly important information on the drive, the sooner you can try to recover, the better. if you erase it from the recycling bin, those sectors should be added to the free sector map, and could, conceivably, be used for virtual memory.

just trying to scare you a little. ntfs is one of the few file systems i dont understand the background maintenance for :stuck_out_tongue:

strange, GBD finds things not recycled as well, like temp files from websites, and some things i have as pictures not yet recycled.

how is that strange ? ??? if you use ghost and ghost yoru drive over and over and have stuff on it …it will find stuff from each ghost and if you format often and have stuff on it …it will find it …I am amazed how much it finds …specially when people think they delete stuff and format it is gone or put windows 98 and then xp on it and find stuff from both OS systems …freaks people out …but hey it does it job …

did you get all yoru stuff back ???

i mean I have used it several times it gets back alot of stuff … .and experimenting with old drives I work on …it is bad …some of the stuff you can recover lol

Well, I dont really see what I lost. I also dont see why it finds so many partistions. And it also lists 8 or 9 hard drives, when I have only 2. I can’t get to boot off another drive to search the main one, so I chanced suing the software in the main drive. Further, the lost data was stored in a folder which was all saved on the desktop. So I looked under my username in documents and settings, and under folder desktop. It was empty in GBD explorer. Would I get diff results if I did the scan off a different drive or was your warning in vein that I may damage my primary? So far no luck :frowning:

if you put it on main drive then it rewrite sectors …that is why you dont put it on main drive … so if you rewrote what sector it was on then it may be lost …

I would try it again or there are other software but you do not put on the main drive with stuff you want to recover … getdataback usually does the job really well …

well, its too late for that, and is till dont understand why it sees so many partitions and all. It thinks I have 8 hard drives. I am also afraid I am doing something worng. Also, why is it showing me my regular files, I thought it showed only files it finds and thinks it can recover. I see things that I currentyl have too.

it shows all files … .dont know why so many partitions i cant remember if that did it before i have not had to use it in a month …

Well, I tried that along with 4 other programs, none of them find the 7 files I erased. They are not to be found in the list. I guess they somehow already were overwritten, and lost forever… :frowning:

So, can GBD find stuff even after a full format? Or after a defrag?

yep I have done full format … fdisk and format and quick format to test the software for the company I work for …

So I guess there is nothing I can do huh?

looks like it

this is what i meant by how many hdd it finds…

Ontrack has a program that I have used in the past to restore some files that have been deleted. The software is called “Easy Recovery Pro” and can do other things besides recover data. It’s kind of expensive but for what I have used it for, is worth it.

Here is a link to the SPECIFICS of the program:

PM me is you have any further questions :wink: