WinXP RC1 leaks on web as fast MS download *Update*



I just posted the article WinXP RC1 leaks on web as fast MS download Update.

Windows XP Release Candidate 1 has been leaked on the web. This version of Windows XP that Microsoft sees as good enough to release to consumers.

The whole code of Microsoft’s new operating…

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I know it, but may I post it? :wink:


I don’t it’s smart to post the URL here, but maybe you could give some directions how we can find out :wink: Only if you have it from the original Conxion site, not for some warez newsgroup you know :wink:


Release Candidate 2 is out now as well, I have been informed by a good contact :9 No link 4 u yet, just wait :4 I forgot no posting of illegal warez here, goes against rules, sorry, can’t help you :c


Changing to at least won’t work :stuck_out_tongue:


No offence interceptor but your good contact is incorrect. RC2 is not out yet. Supposedly will be in a couple weeks though. We’ll see.


of course I have no problem with being wrong so if you got a link post it…:smiley:


The link was here all the time… you just had to look. Main cdfreaks page - if you tried the first link icon under CDF Affiliates it would have been staring you in the face! Now it is here so does not matter, just pointing out how easy was to find without url being posted here!


My download speed was… downloaded - elapsed 21:10 peak over 430K/sec! Beat that! :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve got to get out of this fucking country. I can only get ISDN over here. Germany sucks!! Wonder how long it would take me. Huh. I better wait till somebody burns it on a cd. :C


I got an average of 150K/sec I started at 19.30 and ended at 21.10


I don’t know what good it is anyways… I wouldn’t install it! It requires a product key and also their new windows product activation (WPA). WPA has to be done in 14 days for this RC1 (release version will be 30 days).


There already is a crack out and it works. I’ve been running XP RC1 since Saturday and I think it’s very stable.


Where can we get windows XP now that it has been taken off of conxion?


The file is still there, I just tryed it


File is gone now


Nope, still there are you sure you are using this one? I used getright and changed the settings as described above, I just tryed it again and I still get 150k/sec.


I got it in 19min peak at around 700K.


What software is the best to burn this ISo ? (wxpprorc1.iso)


Nero will burn the file. Instructions on how to download the file are found here: