WinXP Professional "disabling some progs"

when i hit control/alt/delete and look under the the applications tab nothing is there; however, when i click on the processes tab there are about 15 items running…since i am the only user on this comp was wondering if i could disable any of those process in my administrative options…i got svchost.exe listed three times would like to free up some memory that is tied up!!!

I wouldn’t do that.

See here

all right but is there any other progs in the processes that i can disable or should i just leave well alone??

I don’t know what you’re running.
Show some screenshots

Only 15 processes?
I’m down to 26 now and I have made a effort to get rid of uneccessary processes… :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a screenshot too…

On my computer (1500 megs of ram) svchosts.exe runs about 6 times. If i don’t forget it , i’ll make a screenshot of it tonight.

will post a screen shot of what i have running later on tonight!!!

here you go ladies and gents…take a gander!!!

well how do i insert an image!!!

img /img

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LOL! :wink:

how about this where can i upload this picture to…so that yall can see what iam talking about

You can get free hosting on lots of places. One of them is

thanks airhead…here it is now!!!

alright finally fixed up my hosting site for pics…hopefully yall can see this one!!!

Why dont you want us to see your user name, and i have SVCHOST.EXE running X6 times, and one of them use 21,386K and %1 CPU :o, and you know you can cut the task manager out, and not just delete everything round it.

Also you can edit your posts to get the picture to work, you dont have to make a new one.

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