WinXP Prof

I was wondering if WinXP has that error checking thing when you boot up…

Cos’ i remember (in the good old days) of Win95/98 if you did not shut down your computer correctly, that blue screen would come up asking if you wanted to do scandisk and if you selected yes that yellow bar would moving across the screen and find errors. Does windows XP have anything like that?


Yes it does. If there is any problems with your drive then it will launch automatically.

Yes it does.
Because NTFS (WinXP) is a MUCH more stable file system then FAT32 (Win98) it doesn’t automatically kick off after a “bad shutdown” like in Win98.

To run the error scanning:
Open up “My Computer”> Right click on the drive you want to check (usually C:)> Select Properties> Selet the Tools tab> It’s the “Error Checking” option. I always do a full scan (put a check in both boxes)> When you click Start you will getting a popup saying it can only run when Windows first starts> Click yes> Reboot and the scan will start.

It’s also a good idea to defrag the hard drive once in a while. It is also found in the same spot, right below the Error Checking button.
Personally I do a scan and defrag about once every 2 weeks or so. Just start it up and walk away because it can take awhile :smiley:

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