WinXP product activation cracked



I just posted the article WinXP product activation cracked.

Like any security check to be bypassed this whas also a matter of time.

Since Microsoft introduced Windows Product Activation (WPA) the crackers have gone through a series of WinXP beta…

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When will people learn that nothing is uncrackable. - Oh btw I got my t-shirt today, and it kicks ass!!! :7


Hey what they are saying is if you can change the information thats stored in the wpa.dbl file to match your system then the product activation will work… Sounds cool… Anyone have an editor for this file?


I was just waiting for this newspost :stuck_out_tongue:


I knew,I told to Mr. Billie Boy, it’s will happen soon or later:c


Hmmm, I think that anyone finding this kind of info should hold off on it till XP goes GOLD-RTM … If you tell MS beforehand (like they just have) it gives them time between R1-R2-R3?-RTM to increase the trickyness of the product activasion. Without it being busted on RC1 they might not have touched it before GOLD. DOH!!