WinXP Pro odd behavior w/Blindwrite



So here’s the problem … running WinXP Pro / SP2 and all latest patches etc. etc. etc. … and there’s an issue that I’ve been trying to hunt down for some time now. And it seems that Blindwrite is the culprit … latest version.

Here’s what happens … as usual I’ve disable autoplay in WinXP as it’s annoying. So, generally when you put in an optical disk My Computer will display the disk title … and a double click will show the contents, right, right. Pull that disk and put in another and the said information is updated, new title, new contents. All is good…

But, install Blindwrite … the behavior is now different. Put in a disk and no title is displayed… d-click it and the contents will be there… go back to My Computer and now the title will be there. No big deal, until you try and put in another disk, that done and d-click to see contents… there are contents, but for the previous CD! You can go back and forth and refresh to your hearts content and still the contents of the first CD … that is no longer in the drive. Of course trying to do anything with the contents will produce an error as it’s not really there … only thing to do to bring things back is a restart or kill the drive in Device Manager and bring it back…

Uninstall Blindwrite and all is back to “normal” … new disks and data are updated correctly and such.

So, answer me this? What am I … or Blindwrite doing wrong here. tia


So, for all those viewers and lurkers out there … here’s a little blurb from Ken at VSO software regarding this issue.

This is a very rare problem that can sometimes be caused by the
installation of BlindWrite (there are other causes like a Windows
issue), normally if it is caused by BlindWrite the problem will clear
itself in a few days. You can also try doing several reboots in a row
with and without a CD in the drive as this may also clear it.

I would have preferred a more specific solution, but will try as he suggested and will keep this thread posted regarding results. And, if anyone has experienced this and found a specific cure, feel free to chip in! Onward…!!!