WinXP Picture and Fax viewer

I have a Microtek scanner that comes with scanning software which allows me to send a scanned image to an application afterwards. Listed is my Internet Explorer, Lview, and some other software that after install got placed into its list, and there is also a browse feature for adding custom software not in the list, so that I can add things like ACDSee. Of all the items however, I would like to send the pictures after being scanned in, to WindowsXP Picture and Fax Viewer. Il ooked and tried everyhting, but can’t find an exe for WinXP Picture and Fax viewer nor can I find any other subsequent root. Does anyone know how to access this program or is it so built in that its impossible to even make a reference to?

___ Disable Picture and Fax Viewer

Start/Run/CMD/regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll

If you disabled the fax/picture viewer by using regsvr32 /u shimgvw.dll, then changing user icons fail to work:_ You need to re-load the dll and it will work. Have only tried this w/ XP Pro. Reload by typing in regsvr32 shimgvw.dll.

maybe that will help - its all i got today. goodluck.

Yes, it appears to be the path, but the dumb Scanner software wont accept anything past C:\Directory\filename.exe
trying to use any forward slash or such gets rejected after the .exe of the filename. Oh well that sucks.

just export them to a folder, and go from there. sorry its annoying :frowning:

OK, I was wrong, its not the path to the Picture and Fax viewer, its a command to turn it on/off. I have been exporting them, just trying to cut a 2 step process into 1.

I suspect there must be an exe file followed by a command of a dll file somewhere, but I just cant find it. Or its somehow incorporated into XP so that only XP can access the damn thing. Maybe MS was afraid people would rip this off and throw it into win2k and have no need for XP anymore because of this just all so awesome feature… boohoo