WinXP Pagefile

GOD I feel like such a newbie typing this…

If I increase my WinXP Pro Pagefile from it’s current size to 1.0 to 1.5gb will this make burning CD’s more stable?

probably not…unless you were using the full gigabyte of pagefile beforehand. often, just restarting before a burn will stabilize it more than adequately.

If you don’t copy on the fly defragment your harddisk partitions often. This will help more than making windows crappy memory system (the pagefile) grow.

Having the pagefile on a different disk than your windows OS also helps a great deal i’ve been told.
I dunno really. I don’t have a pagefile in XP.

I dunno really. I don’t have a pagefile in XP.

Does that mean you have enough RAM to spare? Or is there another way of avoiding page file usage?

I have 1500 megabytes of memory in my computer , but you would hardly need a pagefile if your over 512 mb ram , i’ve hardly ever seen XP use more than 250 megabytes in total.

Unless you execute Adobe Photoshop which nags you that you HAVE TO have a pagefile (hard coded in photoshop) , because without it your computer might crash (yeah right , with 1.5 Gigs of ram , i think not !). So i made a pagefile of 2 megabytes (the tiniest pagefile in XP) for it and tested it… woohoo , 300 megs of ram were suddenly used… scary photoshop … real scary …

First off, thanks for the advice.
Second, 1500 MEGS! Oh sweet lord thats a lot of ram! Is it SD DDR or RD?

1.5 GB RAM is a lot. Must be quite a machine you got :smiley:

Which mobo are you using?

Yeah, apps like PS do take a lot of RAM. As do Rose, WebSphere, Weblogic etc (Some of these are supposed to be run on servers, but for learning purpose, they often inhabit desktops).

However, even for common applications like Office etc on 512MB RAM, a page file might be required. Win XP needs around 256 MB + but there might be other apps running (Antivirus etc) that do take up RAM.

Perhaps 1GB might help, if the mobo supports it :slight_smile:

Don’t get all squishy people :slight_smile:

It’s an AsusTek A7V with standard 133Mhz Dimms on board. Inside it there is an AMD Athlon 900Mhz cpu , a soundblaster live 5.1 , an adaptec 2940 , a 3Com 3c905BTX-Combo 10/100 Nic , an Asus GeForce 2MX 400 vga card (the fastest one) , 1 x 10Gb IBM harddisk , 1 x 40gb IBM harddisk and 1 x 40GB Maxtor harddisk.

and since when i wanted to upgrade the memory , the prices were about 80 DMark for a 512MB dimm , i just bought 3 , so i never have to worry about upgrading that part of the motherboard ever again :slight_smile:

yes i dont use a pagefile either :slight_smile: i got 512mb ddr ram and like you say it rarely gets over 250mb or so unless i run a memory hog game like max payne then it might get to around 350mb or so

good luck