WinXP not detecting Secondary IDE Channel

windows xp is suddenly no longer detecting my cd-rom, i followed the instructions on this site which stated to uninstall my secondary ide channel (on which my cd-rom was installed). upon reboot, however windows xp did not automatically detect the channel nor the drive. I have multiple OSs - the alternative being Windows 2000 but since this is not configured for the network, I dont’ use it much. However, when I restarted in Win2000, it was not detecting the CD-ROM either. Please tell me what I can do? I recently - about 2 months ago - bought my ASUS CD-ROM drive. Please help!

Thanks. mp

ps I recently changed from Samsung to ASUS, and just to try it out I decided to switch back to Samsung, only to see no difference in the problem. So that rules out that there is anything wrong with my ASUS drive.

You might try repairing your XP installation; however, a little more info would be helpful (i.e. motherboard, mobo BIOS, BIOS version, controller card[if not on board or supplemental]). Also, you should probably check the BIOS to see if it’s coming up in there at all.

Not much to add without more info - but I suspect a simple repair, assuming the second item I mentioned to check is not a factor, of your installation will fix the problem. I experienced something similar and for some reason windows just didn’t want to download the appropriate drivers till I re-formatted and re-installed, but I do that about once every 6 months so I didn’t test repairing; however, you probably should. Check BIOS first though.

if the problem is only with windows xp, why is the same thing happening on windows 2000? i tried switching it as a slave to the primary ide channel but that didnt work either. the very fact that it isnt detecting the secondary ide channel means something doesnt it? anyway, will follow your instructions and report back.

ok now there’s something different. I managed to detect the cd-rom on both windows 2000 and XP on both the primary and secondary IDE channels. but i took the cd out of its original mounted position, obviously. when its in its unmounted position, both OSs detect it but when I mount it back and drive the nails home, both operating systems refuse to detect it! please help.

thanks. mp

Some things that could be causing this;[ul]It could be a dodgy 12v molex (power connector) - Try swapping or using a different one.
A faulty ide cable - Use a new one or swap with the hard drive ide cable
Mounting screws are causing a short circuit (5 is a live - sorry :stuck_out_tongue: ) - try mounting in the bay without screwing home to verify.[/ul]