WinXp Install on HD Outside of Laptop

[qanda]This thread is about the DELL Latitude E5400. Click here to see full specs[/qanda]I have a Motion Computing M1400 Tablet (not listed in choices) and the hard drive crashed. Also the USB ports don’t work. No CD/DVD drive.
Is it possible to copy drivers and WinXP onto a Hard drive connected externally to my laptop, install the HD in the tablet, and have enough to start the tablet? Then with a pcmcia card usb adaptor installed get the tablet up and operating again? I can get into the bios, if that helps. Can I image it?
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All of that works only if you can boot to the pcmcia card. My first thought is no, but doesn’t hurt to try.

The problem with XP is its protection does not allow you to transfer hard drives from computer to computer(it checks what hardware you have).If you try to install on another machine and boot from another you get a blue screen.Bios solely controls booting options for your tablet(or any other machine).I know your usb ports dont work.But can you set bios to boot from usb or enable the ports?Then you can create a bootable usb install of xp.If not i know that Windows 98(not sure about 2000) can be installed on other machines and tranferred physically then when you boot it searches for all drivers to run your machine.Ubuntu(or most other distros of linux) can also be transferred physically.I had the same problem with a laptop without any other way than install on my desktop and transfer drive to laptop.I ended up running Ubuntu(rather than the copy of win ME that i had lying round) on my machine in the end.

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I have a copy of Win 98. If I install that on the hard drive connected by usb on another machine, then install the pcmcia/usb adaptor drivers, and then install the HD in the Tablet, then maybe I can upgrade to Winxp. Or make it dual boot?
Or should I install the hard drive in my laptop and install WIN 98 that way?

Your better off with making you HD on you laptop a dual boot rather then external…XP won’t let you do that properly…and it wont work correctly…

You physically have to remove harddrive from tablet put it in laptop or buy a ide converter around $5 install win 98 from laptop/desktop.Then put back in tablet and boot it.Im not to sure about upgrading but its possible if you get the install files on there through your usb.Remember after upgrading XP to change filesystem to ntfs.Its a simple process using command line.Good Luck :slight_smile: