WinXP install & 10GB of space hogging files?

I had a problem with my windows installation.
I re-installed windows XP and (service pak2 from free microsoft CD) and now it occupies about 15GB of HDD space
My original install with several 3rd party programs only occupied about 4GB of space.
I went searching for the space hogging files and found them in my Windows directory.

There are 8 of these files, (which I don’t remember seeing before this install).

They are named as follows:
Each one is 1.49GB for a total of 10.4GB

I cannot move them to my other HDD, Windows won’t let me. I get dialog which says these are system files.

How can I get rid of these files??

I had to merge my ‘D:’ partition with my ‘C:’ partition just have extra space on my windows drive. It was 95% full before I merged the partitions.

Thank You,

I couldn’t find the “Edit” button, so I posted a reply.

The filenames are exactly as shown above.
They are all numbers, (one number for each file), and no extensions

I do have “show hidden & system files” enabled


never heard something similar, you could just delete this files - they are not needed for windows - are you sure they could not be from another 3rd-party-program?

i got something like that sorta junk … not as big - my file is 2MB … just one file though - delete them anyway

Thank you for your replys.
I have tried to delete them in windows, but get error msg saying they are being used by another process.
I’m not sure if a 3rd party program put them there.
I got into this problem when I tried a version of Norton Ghost (Ghost 2003)
I just assumed it would work with XP. When it installed, it did not mention that it was incompatable with XP. It rebooted the computer and repartitioned my C:\ drive into a FAT partition. Then it locked up, and then I couldn’t see my drives. So I booted from my XP CD and reinstalled windows. I later deleted the FAT partition in partition magic, and windows seems to work fine now, except a few tweaks are needed.
How can I boot to DOS on an XP machine?
I have an “emergency diskette”,(made in WinXP), but it has no tools on it.
I’ll try booting with the emergency diskette and deleting the files from there.

Thank you again,

BTW, XP still leaves me in the dark. I’ve been used to 98, & 95 for so long :slight_smile:

I think I may have fixed my problem!

I was defragging my drive when I noticed that my swap file was extremely large.
So I went into system properties and set my swap file manually to min. 1533MB and max. 1533MB
I noticed at the bottom the current swapfile was five digits, not four digits.
I think it was set to 15343MB, not sure now, but after I rebooted, I ran Diskeeper again and my swapfile shrunk quite a lot!
I went to my Windows directory and I was able to DELETE all 8 of those files!! I mentioned in my first post.

Thank you for all your replys,
Ghosters, I bookmarked that site and am going to check it out as soon as I finish here,