WinXP hangs when burning with 203B


I recently bought a 203B to replace a failing BenQ 1640 :frowning:

It worked ok at first but now I have the following problem: When I’m trying to burn a disc, especially a DL disc, the burs starts and freezes and along with it my whole system. The disc is usually undamaged and after a hard reboot I can burn it again. This happened with imgburn and nero and with verbatim 8x DL disks as well as TY DVD+R 16x.

Has anyone had a similar experience or can advicse something to try?

The 203B is attached to a silicon image pci sata card on an Asus p4p800-deluxe motherboard (intel i865).

Any help will be appreciated…

Make sure you disable Raid in your motherboard Bios.
Which silicon image pci sata controller card do you have?


I have already disabled RAID from day 1.

The SATA controller is a SiI 3512 SATALink model. It was a generic model made by eQuip, which tends to make decent low-end stuff.

Does this help?

Hi :slight_smile:
Maybe the bios needs flashing (3512) & drivers changed.
They have a base bios (non-raid) & driver for ODD’s.
So if you haven’t tried either/both of the above. Start there.
Good luck.