WinXp freezes on opening port for dial-up connection

This is really annoying. Every time i try to get on the internet with crappy dial-up, XP freezes when it says opening port.

The only way to get it to work is to log off, and when it says logging off, then saving settings.

Well it freezes on saving settings. So i have to hit the power button. Note: I restart or shutdown then bootup doesn’t fix my dialing problem.

Now every time i turn on the computer error reporting comes up. I did search on the error reporting and ifgure out how to turn it off.

Any ideas for the logging off issue and the dial up problem?

My modem is a conexant soft56k speakerphone voice modem. Im running xp home edition if that makes any difference. This never happened with windows me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t seem to have any problems when i log on to the internet w/ XP using crappy dialup. Maybe you should get a job and get DSL or cable:rolleyes::cop: :bow:

I have the same modem (with the same chip that is), what driver you use?

the standard windows xp driver.

It is propably the driver. I use one from CIS, who made the modem, but i have used also the generic conexant driver with no problem. the windows driver can’t see the voice and causes problems.
You should check the conexant site for a generic driver for your chip.

ok i will check that out. I also found a temporary fix that has worked last 3 times. Staring IE explorer first and let it connect to the net. Thanks for the advice.

Try uninstalling the COM port driver to which the modem is attached & restart.

XP installs fresh drivers. This could solve your problem.

unfortuanatly that didn’t work. But it has been working everytime using the IE Eplorer method.

Any other suggestions?

Try installing the SP for XP.

i did and it still did the same thing.