WINxp explorer mp3 blip

when i select a few mp3’s and i click on the “play selection” on the right hand side, it opens the mp3’s in my HexEditor (hex workshop) - anyone know whats going on?

It looks like you (someone else or a program) has associated .MP3 with Hex workshop. You should be able to change this by associating MP3 with something else such as Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc.:

Open ‘My Computer’
Click Tools->Folder Options…
Click the ‘File Types’ tab.
Scroll down to MP3 on the Registered File Types Section.
Click ‘MP3’ and click Change… below
Now, select the program you wish to associate with MP3 and click OK.

If the above doesn’t help, try going into ‘Advanced’ instead of ‘Change…’ and you should be able to edit what programs open with each option.

You can change the associations with other programs, but don’t associate EXE files with anything but the default. I heard of someone associating EXE with WINZIP to automatically open Self Extracting Zip files with Winzip :stuck_out_tongue: , but the side effect was that every executable started up Winzip instead of running and thus Windows stopped working!

Another possibility is also to "tag’ an mp3 file (just clicking on it once , so that it is selected) , then hold the SHIFT key and press right mouse button.

If correctly you should see an “open with” option extra. Click that with your left mouse key and you can reselect with what program you want to open .mp3 files with.

you guys aren’t getting it - my mp3’s are already associated with WindowsMedia Player - but it is only when i select a few mp3’s and i click on the “play selection” on the right hand side that it opens them in my hex editor

It is a bug in Hex Workshop. You are probably running version 3.1. Just upgrade to version 4.0 beta 4 and the problem disappears.

See also this page:
(bug id 20 under “Bug Fixes in Beta 2:”)

ur very cool. Thanks !! out of inerest was you haveing the same problem?

Yes indeed, I was experiencing the same problem… :wink: