WinXP directory txt log program

Any programs for Windows XP that can you can select a directory and create a log txt file, listing all the files in that directory and the file size?

If you know of any programs, please tell me.

You only need DOS. Type DIR (directory) (whatever switches you like) >list.txt

Windows XP doesn’t have DOS in it, but you can use the CMD(Command Prompt) by going start>run> typing CMD and press enter.

DOS wont list the files in subdirectories.

You mean like a tree branch program, but hwere filesize is included?

I had one somewhere form way back in the day. FREEWARE too.

I used to use it to trade mp3’s (only legally free distributable ones of course…:bigsmile: )

I will try looking for it, but search zdnet, cnet, and for tree branching software.

Originally posted by hyper
DOS wont list the files in subdirectories.

I thought it did, with the right switches…
Believe it was dir /a /s
But I could be mistaken

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I thought it did, with the right switches…

I thought it did too…

Some dir switches:

/s: list all subdirs of the current dir
/w: display list wide (in columns)
/a: display files with certain attributes (D, R, H, S, A)

When you just do a “dir c:\windows /s >list.txt” you’ll get a list where the all files in every directory with the corresponding filesizes are showed…

For more info, do a “dir /?” :slight_smile:

btw, did you know that you can import the textfiles that you put out in dos can be imported in Excel (use space as seperators) and be used as a nice catalog…

If you do like “C:\Windows dir /s /s” it shows the subdirectories in the subdirectories and keeps going with more /s’s.

Some links for programs.

And here you have a bunch more:

This is the software you need…

Thanks, I downloaded a copy of JDirPrint and it works great, thanks!

If you want a simple solution… try this one…

with regedit make this value: (TIP: Copy and paste into Notepad save as printdir.reg and double-click to import.)

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Then… make a batch file called printdir.bat (also in Notepad and save as…) with the following code in it:

@echo off
dir %1 /S /O:G > “%temp%\Results.txt”
start /w notepad “%temp%\Results.txt”

save this in your C:\windows\ directory or in c:\winnt … (if in WINNT make sure you edit the registry to WINNT instead of WINDOWS :slight_smile:

Hope ya’ll try it and let me know if it worked… it does for me…:smiley: