WinXP crashes except when in SafeMode

Windows will run for maybe 5 minutes, then the system will suddenly power off. Sometimes it will happen as the Windows is starting to load. I’ve been running in safe mode for about 2 hours now with no problems.

I just rebuilt my system after a lightning strike/power surge knocked out my MB and video card. Got new MB through RMA and a bought a new AGP card. Before all that, I took my system into the local, trustworthy computer shop and the tech confirmed my MB and graphics card were fried, but RAM and everything else were fine.

After reassembling the system, the Windows would crash as it was loading, every time. I did a fresh install of windows, took out all the PCI cards, and even tried different HDDs. My configuration is the same as it was before except for the graphics card. Before, I had th original ATI AIW Radeon 4x AGP. Now I’m using an MSI NX6600GT 8x AGP.

Windows crashes even right after a fresh install? :eek:

Yes. Everything seems to be working fine, until the system suddenly powers off. I’ve been running in safe mode for 4-5 hrs now with no problems. CPU temp stays around 35C/96F, so that’s not the problem

I would say its most defintely a hardware problem and I’d refer yourself to the sticky here definitely not windows related since its a fresh install and because you did FRY your computer lol

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Sounds like you might need to reinstall Windows :doh:

How’s your PSU feeling after the strike?

The GT series is pretty power hungry, what’s the rating of your PSU?

It could be the VGA driver issue.

The computer shop ran tests on everything and concluded on the MB and VGA card needed to be replaced. The MB is refurb., the CPU is refurb., the VGA card is new, and my RAM was tested with memtest at the shop. Everything is running fine in safe mode, which makes me think it is the drivers, but I have the newest drivers installed. My power supply is 430W.

I’ve been backing up files in safe mode and currently have 4 HDDs hooked up. Two of them are even on the same power cord as the 6600GT. I’m having no problems in safe mode like this. But even with one HDD, Windows crashes in normal mode.

If it is a driver problem, why would Windows run in normal mode for even a short time?

Have you, by any chance, got another AGP or PCI video card (anything will do)?

If you do, put that in and see if the problem persists.

Another good idea would be to connect your video card on a separate cable (you can unplug your cd devices) and see if it does change anything.

I do recall there was a quite well known problem with random reboot. It had something to do with PSU configuration in Windows. Search google for something like “random reboot Windows XP”.

After reassembling the system, the Windows would crash as it was loading, every time.

You said Windows crashed during loading, but not in Safe mode. It must have crashed while trying to load something, a 3rd-party utility or VGA driver perhaps.

How can it have the newest 6600GT driver right after a fresh install of Windows XP which was first released years ago? Maybe a driver “roll back” or system restore can help. I would try another VGA card or another Windows partition or another RAM set, but first of all, try different settings in motherboard BIOS setup. VGA and RAID cards cause troubles most often in my environment (which makes me wish there were hot-swap/hot-plug PCI/AGP cards and even RAM/CPUs just like SATA/SCSI HDDs.)

How can you unplug CD devices to connect video card on a separate cable? The 4-pin power to VGA?

What I meant by a “fresh” install is that I did a reinstall after rebuilding the system, but not that I have kept it that way. Using safe mode, I was able to install SP2 and the latest VGA drivers from MSI.

Windows Update gives me errors in safe mode and the Windows crashes in normal mode before WU can finish.

Could also be the agp driver, or corrupt sectors on the hd.

More troubles, too bad. :frowning:

If Windows crashed right after a fresh install of Windows, how did you install it in the first place? I mean when did it start crashing under normal mode?

Maybe a system event log has some revealing records. (I’m usually too lazy to read them.)

Windows crashed in normal mode from the beginning (directly after a fresh install.) Windows finished installing the files, then it did the mandatory reboot. After the reboot Windows started fine, ran for about five minutes, then the system suddenly powered off.

I stated earlier that I have tried different HDDs. A bad HDD will cause problems equally in safe mode and normal mode.

My OS is on mirrored Maxtor 160GB HDDs using the onboard Promise controller. The RAID is listed as functional.

I’ve disabled the onboard sound and I’ve tried disabling the onboard LAN. No luck.

Confusing a little. Five minutes after power-on is a long time, but did it load every driver and program at Windows startup before crashing?

The surest thing I can think of is still the VGA driver. Perhaps the Nvidia driver doesn’t like to coexist with Promise RAID. Not sure if it’s related to PSU but surely 6600GT and mirrored HDDs require a lot of power at startup.

Nvidia drivers get on well with Promise Raid never had any problems with the two together. It can’t be PSU related because it would crash in safe mode as well. I think the only way to fix it is use the magic word Format : C

Maybe, but it wouldn’t work that way… :slight_smile:

Perhaps also depends on motherboard and settings in motherboard BIOS, video, and RAID.