WinXP cannot recognize DVD Video Disc



I encountered a unique problem
Long story short
All of my CD/ DVD drives (both real and virtual)
Would no longer recognize DVDs as movies

What I mean is, whether mounted or physically inserted, All discs (CD and DVDs) would be seen, however if the DVD was a movie (burned or pressed) the It WASN’T treated as a movie by the system (not allowed to play by double clicking, nor were any Rt click DVD movie options avaliable) What did happen was a folder would open up showing the Audio TS and Video TS folders.
Its as if all DVD movies would only be seen as DATA discs.

Now, I was able to restore an image of my PC and the issue is gone.

My question is what happened and if it was to happen again (and i don’t have an image to restore to) or if it happens to a customers PC
how would i fix this

(prior to restoring an image, i did check and delete any upper and lower filters i found with no difference)


Probably something caused a mess in the file associations.

Did you install some software recently?

What is the player you use for movies? File associations can be restored manually. Right click on the video file, and select “Open With” --> Choose default program. Select the software you like and this should solve :slight_smile:

Alternatively, and maybe a better solution, open your favorite media player, and check in preferences if there is an option to make it the default media player. In this way the player will be associated with all video files in a single step and you are not forced to repeat the above procedure for every type of video file.


when i would insert a DVD movie, the PC would automatically open the disc as if it was a folder showing the Video and Audio folders.
Rt. clicking on the drive in MY COMPUTER would not show any of the standard options that should appear when a DVD movie is inserted (ie> play with VLC, Play DVD Play with Power DVD, etc).

Simply put, my computer was not recognizing the DVD movie, but rather seeing a DVD data disc.


Probably you have installed some odd software that override your current prefs regarding the autoplay.


the backup was only 2 weeks old , and to check i reinstalled the same 2 pieces of software i did before. I do not think the issue was related to autoplay, the autoplay was working, only it was treating the DVD video disc like a simple data disc. to treat like a dvd video disc was not an option. Even in cyberlink when i went to the disc drive to play the dvd, powerDVD stated (playing video from hard drive/ thus not seeing a DVD video disc)