WinXP can run on 64MB



I just posted the article WinXP can run on 64MB.

It seems that Microsoft is lowering minimum system specifications for Windows XP. At first a minimum of 128MB was required, but now they changed it into 64MB. PC’s with 64MB (and quite some other…

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Sweet! :r But I don’t want change (:7) my windows because winXP has some nasty anti piracy stuff!


who uses 64 MB memory anyway nowadays?


i’m just happy with my Winme/Win2k/Mandrake8.0 pc. took me a lot of time to set this up. don’t wanna waste it. i got something for games (winme), something for work (win2k), and something to hack and learn and have fun (linux). that’s enough for me. unless of course every game and application works relatively well (compatible) with winxp. clear up the activation crap. what does it do. i don’t care about minimum requirements right now. most people who recently bought a pc don’t either. they just want something that works, and works well. if i see it work and work well then i’ll buy (so i can get rid of winme).


who want xp anyway… :frowning:


a lot of people would probably be wanting xp if they have the computer for it. since it should become much more stable than what we have now. you might say that they should try linux. well, there are still a lot of people out there who don’t want to simply because of the “perception” that it is harder to use. although linux has become better, windows is still winning with a large userbase (desktop) and usability and consistency with the interface. so unless the linux community starts to standardize everything into only one highly configurable interface (instead of 6+ different interface), average computer users would probably stick with windows. on macs side, they’re too expensive. sucks.


hey follerec, windows xp is a newer version of windows 2000. Just like WinMe is a visually enhanced version of 98. Go ahead and replace WinMe with Xp, I love running two copies of NT.