WinXP & Burning... How To?

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Burning under Windows XP. How and what are pro’s and con’s? Read it all here [part 1 … To Be Continued!]

Nero was fine under XP: I tried as well CDDA and VCD 2.0, with the same…

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Every program I’ve used with windows98 workes with my windows XP. I use clonecd, nero and cdrwin. I have 3 writers and I can burn perfectly 3 cd’s at the same time with the 3 programmes. So far I really love XP

I burn with Nero 5.540 and clonecd 3082 using my plextor 24/10/40 under windows XP (devilsown) no probs and fast fast fast. Media 16x Princo without probs.

Windows XP Uptime: 1wk 3hrs 26mins 7secs (Record Duration - 1wk 3hrs 26mins 6secs) :smiley:

How to burn bin files under Win XP? Fireburner doesn’t work anymore. Can somebody help me?

Phase 77, You Need to Install aspi layer on win xp. You can get one from Afterits done restart and it should work

Sorry… this is going to be a little off topic but how many of you connect to the inet w/ enternet?? and is this supported? cuz now that my fav burn progs are supported i think i will definitely upgrade to xp… please respond

Tried EZ CD Creator 5 Platiunum on RC 2 and that sure didn’t work :r (couldn’t write to the registry, etc). Perhaps this is fixed in the final release. Will try once I get home. :g

As far as the question about enternet goes, win xp has the protocal built into it so you wont have to install that software. :slight_smile:

thugnight… thanx for the resonse… so how would i go about signing on to the internet… I installed it and it wont let me on… =(

I went here … it’s not in english but if you follow along with the pics, you shouldn’t have any problems.

I have a Philips CDD3660 and it won’t work with Win XP build 2600. When i click ‘burn’ the system hangs (with Nero, EasyCD Creator etc). Anyone an idea?

winxp and Winoncd 3.7 and 3.8 neither of these work and have been able to use all other cdr software (nero, fireburner, clonecd) have aspi layer 4.60 installed and winoncd says error reading scsi devices any solutions to this or are roxio just ignoring the operating system


I just got a copy of Windows XP Pro from somebody and when I enter the CD, the install does not work. Anybody else have this problem?

I love the WinXP built in burning features… and installing the ISO Power Toy really made it ALMOST perfect. However, I have a BIN that I want to burn. Does anyone have any ideas?