WinXP build 2600



Build 2600 is out. I’ve downloaded it.
Does anybody know a crack for this build.
I already have a serial number :

You may not provide serials!

Pm someone (wich is you in this case) if they want it


As i remember, the crack for rc2, reset3 works fine on the 2600 build


Maybe you van PM me the link? :stuck_out_tongue: Is it an FTP forum?



Remeber guys the RTM (manufaturer release) is available today and should be on newsgroups within a couple of days if not already there!!!


But does anyone know where to download XP cracks, and where to find serails?

#6 has a lot of links, maybe you can search for a good link here! hint hint hint :smiley:



GAWD DAMNIT! I downloaded the french version…sigh

btw I have a key that is supposed to disable activation, anyone wanna try it and see PM me. (key word here is supposed to…)