WinXp and Win2K Pro



Is there any program available to use as a log-on for windows 2K so I can have the log-on like windowsXP.

My children use the computer often so It the best way for then to log on using the limited account as they are very young and I don't want them changing anything they shouldn't.

The reason for me wanting to use Win 2k is I find it to be faster and less prone to the BSOD.

What else can I do any help would be great.


ye on w2k all you need do is go to users in control panel and add a new user then limit what that user can do. also if you automatically log on at start up you will have to change it to user has to put in a password to log on. but you wont get a screen like xp gives.


I really want to keep the xp log on as my chilren are 7 and 4 and just click on the user icon to log on as a limited they don’t have to type a user name and/or password.

Trying to keep it simple for them “click and start”
thanks G O


sorry, dont think it’s been invented yet…