WinXP and voodoo

Hello ya’ll, recently I’ve installed winXP rc1 but I had an conflict with my voodoo5 5500 videokard. My questions is, when the final product hits the stores, will it be compatible with 3dfx based products? (and please, don’t tell me to just buy another videocard as I don’t have a dime left)

thx, in advance

as you probely know XP release canidate 2 is out for a few weeks now. So it wont be long for the final release

Oems has got a green light to the sell their PC’s with Windows XP. We will already see Windows XP machines in september, and the Final (GOLD) version of Windows Xp will be finished the 15. August

Windows XP will officially be announced the 25. of October but Microsoft has pulled the release date because Microsoft wants to release it’s product before the American Justice Department stops them.

So I do not know if your card will be supported because everthing has to go very fast now (mayby to fast:( )