Winxp and Gigabyte ga-7va mb



My son & I both have the same motherboards except I have AMD 2600+ and he has a 1800+. We also both have 1 gig mem. Problem is I run winxp pro and was installing Winxp home on his hard drive and it refuses to install, so after many attempts I put home on using my machine no prob put it into his machine will not boot. Took my hard drive out to test on his wont boot but his boots on mine. Took a old Samsung 2.1 gig boots up fine on his … Anyone have any ideas why it wont boot on new hard drives. These are new mb with kt400 chips


It’s hard to guess what your configurations are like, but I assume both systems have their hdd connected to the primary IDE controller on board. The only thing I can think of, is a master/slave issue. Did you check that the harddrives are configured properly?

Some drives need to be configured as slave, master or single drive (slave). Others just as master or slave…


Everything is the same both hdd are setup as master and both are on a cable by them selves. we have even taken every out except for video card and it still does it. I have never been so confused over this