WinXP and CDRWIN v4.0a Problems

I’m having problems with WinXP RC1 2505 and CDRWIN v4.0a
I’ve installed XP on two seperate machines and get the following
message -Unable to initialize ASPI manager. ASPI manager was not found on the system.
And then when I go into the program it say’s “No CDROM recording device was found on the SCSI or IDE bus”
I’m using two seperate Cdrw devices Sony CRX 100E and Sony CRX1611
Both have the same problems
Can any one help

have you installed the ASPI layer? there is one on the nero site - I am not sure if it will work with XP as I don’t have it yet and haven’t tested it…

I have windows XP pro build 2535, and the ASPI works totally fine with CDRWIN & My Sony CRX100E drive. Maybe you just need to download a newer build of XP.

try this go into the settings and change the ASPI to the one installed by wincd instead of the XP ones