WinX DVD: Veery slow rip of DVD to MP4 on MAC




Now to this forum. I have had Winx productsfor some time but first time trying the DVD ripper.

So I have the latest version of the Winx DVD ripper for Mac
I bought this as Handbrake will not decrypt the latest DVD’s
I am used to the rip speed of handbrake and was very very surprised to see Winx asking for 3+ hours PER track for an MP4 output rip. ie it took near 10 hours to rip a single DVD. The rip speed to MP4 was stated to be 26fps - about viewing speed - but the rip took much much longer than viewing speed.

Oh it did crash at one stage - crash log reported.

I ripped to an MPG file next, this took maybe 30 minutes. I used Handbrake on this MPG file to convert to MP4. This took approx 30 minutes.

It just does not add up.

The mac is an older 2.6GHz Core 2 beastie with 8G ram but handbrake seems to work much faster.

Any suggestion on what I am doing wrong with Winx?


Hi jim5055,

Thank you for your feedback. Here are our suggestions:

[ul]If you have no request for output format, choose the following 4 DVD Copy modes - 1:1 Clone DVD to ISO image, DVD folder backup, Main title content copy, Backup [B]DVD to a MPEG2 file in 5 minutes[/B][/ul]
[li]As for DVD to MP4, choose MPEG4 video codec in the parameter settings.
[li]Plus if you adjust to lower bitrate or let High Quality Engine unused, it will also speed up your DVD ripping process.

Please feel free to contact us once your problem is still unsolved. :slight_smile: