WinX DVD Ripper Platinum Version 8.5.0


Much to my surprise, I just ripped two Cinavia protected DVDs using WinX DVD Ripper Platinum, Version 8.5.0 and both the MP4 and AVI outputs no longer contained Cinavia and were playable in my home Blu-Ray Player. I selected the use high quality engine and the safe mode options before starting the rip. Once the rips were finished I used Convert X to DVD to convert the rip back onto a physical DVD that I was able to play.


It’s on Giveawayoftheday at the moment (9 hours left as I post)


Do you have a link? I can’t seem to find the give away of the day on their website.


I googled for the free WinX Ripper Platinum and found it on the Digiarty web site. Thanks for the post.


The key giveaway is good for another 5 days, not sure if the key activates the standard download or requires the gotd

Add the HD Video converter as well


The key unlocks the program, but does not include updates. I am not real sure if that means that you can’t update the program at all or if it simply means that you can’t upgrade to a new version such as from 8.5.0 to say 9.0.0. Still it is a good grab if you are looking for a decent ripper.


An interesting development with Cinavia. WinX DVD Ripper does not defeat Cinavia on disks 100% of the time. It does completely remove Cinavia at other times. I do not know if it is a later version of Cinavia that WinX DVD Ripper has trouble with, but I have encountered some disks that it won’t defeat.