WinX DVD home video--which title to choose? Merge titles?

Hi - A few years ago I transferred 26(!) Hi-8 video tapes to DVDs. I’m now using WinX to rip the DVDs.

Each DVD populates about 10-15 titles, but the content overlaps.

[li]When I tried choosing the title that was checked by default, it was missing several minutes of content.[/li][li]If I try to merge the titles, it still creates the same number of files (in my desktop folder) as there are titles (with duplicate content, i.e., a 3-minute segment of XYZ in a 30-minute mixed title, but then 12 minutes of the same XYZ in another title).[/li][/ul]Hope that makes sense.

Can anyone help? The whole family is coming to visit and I want to be able to present a somewhat seamless video. It’s hours and hours of footage and I don’t have the skills (nor the patience) to edit 260+ titles.

Thanks in advance.

Hi msax,

Sorry for a late response because we have had our Chinese Spring Festival. As you mentioned above, we suggest trying DVD to ISO.

Please feel free to reply here if it still does not work, thanks!