Winx dvd and handbrake really that slow?

I recently wanted to turn my 1000 dvd library into mp4 and put them in a external HD so I can watch em anywhere . Well after reading I downloaded handbrake and winx dvd . They r taking hours 2-5 hrs to turn a single dvd into mp4. I don’t want lesser quality and it has to be mp4 as just ripping a dvd takes twice as many GB compared to mp4 size file.

Honestly I’m just considering going to pirate bay and just downloading each movie I own. 5 1080 p movies takes 20min or so. Is there any other options ? Faster program’s than the ones I mentioned ? Completely new to the scene. Learning as I go. Thx

Handbrake, or the variant of Handbrake that I use, called Vidcoder, can be set to much faster encoding if you wish.

The easiest way to do this is to import your DVD, then go the video settings and select the Very Fast 480p 30 preset. You should also click on the button that says Constant Framerate, and click on Fast Decode.

Since you are starting with DVD resolution, there is no point in going past 480p in your MP4. So don’t use 720p or 1080p when converting from DVD video.

That’s an awesome suggestion. I’ll Def download that and use the 480 setting.

Handbrake doesn’t work on my new laptop for some reason it just keeps saying in missing a .NET windows update and I’ve manually updated it exactly like the link it gives describes.I see reports it taking 20 min a movie for some people and the wind dvd took hours to transfer.


480p is a resolution used on NTSC DVDs (US) while 576i is used on PAL DVDs (Europe) so please take that into consideration when selecting the proper resolution.