Winrar problem,help

hi ,
i need some help here , got a tar file that was corrupt due of the resume.when the download stopped i resumed the download and that’s where it went wrong.Now i fixed the tar and extracted but now i’ve got rar files who are from the first part before download stopped normal like rar.00,rar.01 and so on,the second part is a big rar file instead of small ones,it should be for example rar.05,rar.06,rar.07 all of the same size but instead it’s rar.05 and is 300mb wich normaly should all be 14,3mb,they are rar.05 till rar.20.
the tar size is correct and the download was 100%
Is there a way to extract the iso file from this because now it asks for rar.06 but it’s in the file named rar.05 only i can’t reach it.
i used a tar repair prog for the tar but it does nothing for the other file.
Could use some help with this one,