Winrar - Is there A Freeware or Shareware alternate?


My demo version of winrar is about to expire-

Any help with an alternative rar type program would be appreciated.




supports rar and the supposedly more efficient 7z format
Supported formats: 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB
open source

ICEOWS is a freeware, support many formats and work like another window

You can keep using Winrar past the date. You just have to close the pop-up reminder each time it opens. :lol:

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Checkout zipgenius it handles most of the compression formats and is freeware.

Thank you for reporting a felony.

Just go with 7-zip (, it’s free and better than rar at compressing.

Nobody else can COMPRESS RAR, but plenty can unpack it. - another one, not that well known, tha joins the ranks of the 7-Zip capable programs, and can unpack RAR.

I really like the 7-Zip (7Z) format, it’s a solid compression format, like all the better ones, with a cumulative gain on compressing multiple similar files and has a large compression window.
Zip is a file by file compression, so two identical files take up 2x the space of one, and has a rather small compression window.

The only real point against 7Z, is the huge memory usage for high compression levels, and a rather poor compression speed.

The only real point in favour of ZIP, is the universality of it, but with 7Z, we have an OPEN format, that’s in the same league as RAR, rather than ZIP.

PS. 7-Zip (the program, not the format) also tends to get more compression in the zip format (at maximum settings and tweaks), without breaking compatibility with older unpackers.