Winrar files

Hi… I have a terrific pop concert downloaded into my computer… it is winrar, and plays on real player… I tried to burn it, but I can only burn the audio… so I tried it in nero, but nero wont recognise the file/files… it wont even play in showtime… is there any way around this… ie, changing the file format, so that nero will let me burn it to dvd to watch in my standalone…

thanks… caz :bow:

try dvdsanta

Will it definitley work…!!.. its a lot of money if it doesnt convert winrar… is there no free trial… sorry to sound ungrateful, but im not very experienced at burning stuff…


… have you not extracted it yet?

I have to buy it first before I can download it… for £17… :confused:

no… the rar file

lol… im sooo thick… yep… I had to download it in about 10 parts… then it all came together, and plays great on the pc… but nero dont like the rar

Hi :slight_smile:
Download & try this. To unrar files, it’s free.

thats because rar is a file compression program. It has nothing to do with the media. what you want to do is extract the file from the rar file onto your disk. Right click the rar folder, and click extract here. Then post the file type here.

hi… ive been messing with it for ages, and cannot extract anything from it… dunno why… initialy when I downloaded it… it was in 10 parts, because its a large file… which came together… so on my documents, I have all the different files for it… I dont know what im doing… I know the source is… MEGAUPLOAD… do you think thats why I cant burn it…

thanks Caz

Has nothing to do with that.
Unrar it first.

the rar is split into 10 volumes, to save space on the server. When you have downloaded the 10 volumes, you can merge them together like you said. After they have been merged together, it is once again a complete file. You want to extract the file, to get to the contents.

Haveacigar is giving you sound advice, as are the others…just follow it patiently and all will be well.

I have extracted the files… they have merged into one single file, that plays perfectly in real player… I can even burn the audio… but i cant burn the video… thats why I tried the file in nero, which wont recognise the file… when I right cclick, all I get is, …

BURN IN REAL PLAYER… which I have but its just audio.
scan with norton.
send to.
cut .
etc etc…

I know im a pain… im really new to anything like this… im tyring my best…lol…
what do I do with it once I have un rar’d it…

please help… I know it can be done… and I cant leave it alone… am not ignoring anyones advice… but im a step by step person…& (stooopid) :o



you have to extract the merged file, as there is another file inside it. The only way to get it onto dvd file will be to remove it

I have downloaded the 7 zip… what do i do with it…


Now that is very tempting. :bigsmile:

Install it , run it & open any one of the 10 files. I don’t use this but it must give you an option to extract/save the stored file.

Beware that if you’re using hard drives formatted in FAT32 then you can only save a file that is 4gb or smaller.

the 7 zip, wont work on my pc… im getting an error message… I think ive downloaded the wrong one for my pc… im gonna try again…

I think im way over my head one this one…OOOPPPPSSSS

I’ve just dl’ed this & installed it. When running it I navigated my way to where some Winrar files were. I’ve discovered that I must only click on the one with the RAR extension. Extracting this then worked fine.

Backing up a bit. You’ve got 10 (or so) files , one with an extension of RAR & the others R01 - Rnn. Is this correct?

When opening the rar file with 7zip or winrar what do you see inside? Is it something like xxxx.ISo or xxxx.IMG?

I dunno im soooooooo confused… im gonna go have alook… I tried extracting files, and something worked… but im blind reallyI think ive put some files in archive…???its all greek to me…

it seems that the first file is the key one in combining all the files together, but when I tried to extract the second file… it says " unable to extract, file is broken… should \i give up the ghost?