Winrar file extraction



When i try and extract a 4gb file using winrar to my D:, Winrar creates a temporary file in c:\documents and settings…<somewhere here>. If i don’t have a spare 4gb in my c: the operation aborts and fails.

Does anyone know how to change this so it uses another drive for temporary file extraction? There is a ‘temporary path’ option but this does not change the location of the temporary file that is created.


Winrar shouldn’t create a temp file if you unrar from the program…I think!


I think the problems is you need a bigger; or an extra hard drive. As far as I’m aware WinRar and WinZip will create a temporary folder on C by default.

On the other hand it may be a files format problem, if your hard drive is in the FAT32 format 4gig is the maximum folder size… NTFS format however allows folders as big as the unused part of your hard drive, more info needed makavelli please.

regards mikyanto


Put the file in a folder on the drive (partition) you want to extract it to. Right click and choose extract here.


you can extract to the folder of your choice if your use the right mouse button to drag and drop. this will directly extract the archive to the destination folder without creating temp files (although i don’t think that winrar creates temp files anyway).


Actually it creates a temp file and ‘moves’ it to the location you selected by right-clicking.


You can always try another programme that might not create temp files. Unsure about UltimateZip.


Thanks for your help everyone. The answer is to use the ‘Extract to’ option in Winrar. I was previously dragging and dropping from Winrar to Windows Explorer which created the temporary file. :smiley:


Also, if you look in the settings, you’ll see a tab “Paths”, which allows you to change the temp path!


Agent_007, this doesn’t work. I think it’s a windows level operation that creates the temp file when you drag and drop, hence you should extract in winrar.


Hey thanks for sorting that one out guys, I’m glad I wasn’t the only one getting confused and frustrated by this.
I couldn’t figure out why WinRAR sometimes did the temp/move operation and sometimes it didn’t.
Bit of a shame (and somewhat inexplicable) that it does this on a drag-drop and not when initiated from the ‘Extract to’ button, but there you go.
I’m going to email the makers of WinRAR and ask them to put in an option to turn this behaviour off :slight_smile:


Maybe you can try WinMount which can mount your rar file to a disk.


[QUOTE=Agent_007;836686]Also, if you look in the settings, you’ll see a tab “Paths”, which allows you to change the temp path![/QUOTE]
Actually, 007 is right. You go to options-settings-then the paths tab. Change it to whatever drive you want it. I partitioned my drive and only had 10gigs on C: so when I tried extracting a file that was too large, it would stop because I didn’t have enough space. I changed my directory from C:\blahblahblah emp to E:\WinRar Temps\ and PRESTO! It worked. Thanks 007. You’re the man!


i have been uisng winrar for along-time .But, tilnow never winrar creted any kind of temp files while extracting.