Winrar - Extracting Corrupt Files

dw, i found it… you have to select the “extract” option, can not chose “extract here” or “extract into file name in a folder

I have a new game, PES '09.
I can’t extract them.
it says : Packet data CRC failed in pro-pes09.mdf . The volume is corrupt.
What does it mean?
What can I do to fix that problem?

[B]hello my friends , i agree about you can not fix a corrupted files but you can avoid to have from the beginning !!! YES , from my experiences i can tell you only one advise : it tells ( when you try to download any files , do not try to divide these files by using the option at your download manager under max connection 8, 16 etc !!! but only use 1 connection … so , now if you download a movie by your way as a default delete it and start to download with the way i said and tell me the result … [SIZE=“6”] I AM THE EGYPTIAN PHARAOH [/B] :bow::iagree:[/SIZE]

nesnas, you are god! Or an Egyptian pharaoh, whatever :slight_smile:
I’ve had this problem for the longest time and now it’s finally fixed!
I am very happy, thank you!

I’ve found my own way to extract files from multi-part arcive with one part completely broken. I deleted broken part, took next part, rename it so it replaced lost previous.