Winrar commandline version (Unrar.exe)

Hello, I have two questions about Unrar.exe, which is a commandline tool for extracting rar archives.

  1. Is there a way to automatically remove the archives if extraction was succesful ?

  2. Is there a way to extract files to sub-folders ?
    I can use the following command, but all the files in the various archives will be extracted to the same folder (“D:\Extracted Files” in this case).

unrar.exe x D:\Archives*.rar D:\Extracted Files

I looked at the availabe commands and switches, but these two options are not present. Are there other ways of doing these two things ?

Thank you.

  1. Cannot find a switch to do that… Might be done with batch commands?

  2. That’s wierd. I just confirmed it works well here.
    To current dir: unrar.exe x *.rar
    To subdir: [b]unrar.exe x blah.rar temp[/b]
    Maybe you should download a current version of unrar.exe? It’s on their website.