Winrar, burning and copy protection


I have playable backups of some of my games on my hdd, I need to grab some space, but some of the games have copy protection and I know my burner can’t cope (no sheep) - I usually use alcohol 120% to mount the images when I want to play them, in some cases I can no longer use the original CD’s because they were smoke damaged in a house fire we had a couple of years ago (which convinced me of the wisdom of having backups!)

If I use winrar to compress the files can I then back them up to cdrw without worrying about the copy protection?

I am a laptop user and can’t afford a new external cd burner right now.

You can also try to write the image files as data to your CD.
When you then copy back the images to your hard disk (being the data file(s)) when you need them, you should have no problem mounting them again with Alcohol 120%